Goodwill Truck

Donate your "stuff" to give back to our Middle School

This is a community-wide event.

Our Goodwill fundraiser happens three times a year in August, December, and in May.

Note: Please DO NOT drop off donations while trailer is unattended.


Goodwill Silicon Valley will provide funds to the CTEHSC, on a per trailer basis, based on the weight of the donations received from the community. Previous Goodwill Truck fundraisers have raised over $7,300 for our Home and School Clubs! Community donations themselves turn into crucial support to the lifelines of the mission at Goodwill of Silicon Valley. Support both causes by donating all unwanted items to Goodwill.


Total raised from Goodwill Donation Drive on August 24 and 25, 2019. The combined truck weight was 27,554 pounds.

$ 4901.40

Total raised from Goodwill Donation Drive December 2020. The combined truck weight was $33,733 pounds

Goodwill Silicon Valley in partnership with CTE Home and School Club is grateful for the privilege of serving the members of our community.

Notes about Donations

PLEASE: DO NOT DROP OFF ITEMS when there is no Goodwill attendant. Items dumped at the truck are a Hazard.

Bring us your old and unwanted items.


Goodwill Silicon Valley Does NOT accept the following items:

  • Furniture

  • Mattresses

  • Large appliances

  • Exercise Equipment

  • Automobile parts

  • Weapons

  • Household trash, food, or carpeting

  • Construction debris, lumber, concrete, bricks, etc.

  • Hazardous household chemicals or liquids of any kind (paints, insecticides, oils, flammables, alcohol, etc.)

  • Pet related items

  • Items over 50 lbs.