Teacher Appreciation

Share something you love and spread a little happiness!

Need Inspiration...

Bagels and cream cheese; fruit basket/fruit salad - apples, grapes, oranges, berries, bananas, pineapple; Cheese and cracker plate; assorted pastries and breads - donuts, croissants, scones, muffins, banana bread, ginger bread, french bread, sandwich bread; waffles; cakes and cookies; quiche; bacon; yogurt and granola; hard boiled eggs, breakfast bars, orange juice, specialty teas…and you can never go wrong with chocolate any time of the day!

Holiday Brunch


Show your gratitude to our teachers and support staff this Holiday season and please bring breakfast and lunch items (homemade or shop bought) to the C.T. staff lounge to share on Wednesday morning.

In these busy days it’s easy to forget that the Holiday season is really about love and gratitude. We have an awesome academic staff and support staff at C.T. English who interact with and educate our children everyday. The CTEHSC team would like you to join us as we express our thanks with a hosted Holiday brunch.

Bagels & Coffee


Get our teachers and staff off to the right start with a bagel and coffee moring hosted by the HSC.

Breakfast Buffet


Join us this Wednesday in an act of appreciation for the staff of C.T. English and bring breakfast items (homemade or shop bought) to the C.T. staff lounge.

Spa Day


Please bring in items to support the Spa Day luncheon.

Also consider small gifts such as candles, succulents, lotions, gift cards, handmade items, and more that we can assemble into gift baskets for the teachers and staff.