Choice Lunch

NOTE: In light of COVID-19 developments and distance learning, and as we continue to following state health guidance, Choice lunch is not available.

Program: Choice Lunch. Lunch provided daily at school by the Choice Lunch program.

Organized by: Loma Prieta Joint Union School District

C.T Volunteer support arranged by: C.T. English Home and School Club

Attachment: See the Choice Lunch flyer for highlights of the program.

Be a Volunteer

The Home and School Clubs support the lunch program finding volunteers to distribute the pre-packaged lunches to students.

Decide how often you want to committ. Each shift is roughly 1.5 hours.

Sign Up and Register

  • Sign up and register online at

  • Provide payment details online.

  • Access the menus and order lunch.

  • Download the app if you want flexibility on the go.

The online ordering system makes it very easy to order school lunches. See How it works.

NOTE: Lunch orders must be completed online ahead of time for students to receive lunch. All orders must be received by 9am on the previous day.