C.T. English Home and School Club sponsors many programs that have a direct impact on the lives of our children while at school and also after school. The goal of these programs is to provide our children with many positive experiences to help them develop into happy, responsible, and healthy young adults. 

These are fun social events for C.T. English students. Fun nights include roller skate night, bowling, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong  and many other games. Fun nights are made possible with help of parent volunteers.

check wed news/flyers at school/school app for location

Rootbeer Social 

The Root Beer Social is a very anticipated end of summer gathering just before school begins  where both Loma Prieta and CT English students reconnect over a delicious treat and share stories of summer fun.  CT Students get their schedules for the school year and can get together with friends to see which classes they share.  

Turkey Trot / Rabbit Run

The Turkey Trot is a C. T. English Middle school tradition with all students running the Summit Tree Farm before enjoying a lunch hosted by the CT English Home and School Club.  

Pay Attention to the Wednesday Packet for more information regarding dates and times to pick up wristbands at school.

Organized by the CT English Home and School Club, our school community of parents and guardians provides brunch for our teachers and staff three times a year.

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming in April!

Fentanyl Awareness and Narcan Training   

Please join the CTE Home & School Club on Wednesday, April 26th, 2023 @ 6p.m., for an important information night to learn more about the perils that our children face with regard to Fentanyl. 

This event will be presented by the County of Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services. Included as part of the evening will be a training on the use of lifesaving Narcan. Narcan will also be distributed to each participant.

To attend, please complete the Registration Form (click on the purple registration link) to help us prepare the resources for the evening.  This workshop is being held at Loma Prieta Elementary School in the Forum.