C.T. English Home & School Club
23800 Summit Road
Los Gatos, CA 95033-9289
CTE HSC is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization,
Federal Tax ID 77-0351785

Important Dates

11/18-22   Loma/CT Book Fair

11/26   Turkey Trot

11/27-29   Thanksgiving Holidays

12/4   Willow St. & Main St. Night Out

12/7-8   Holiday Craft Faire

12/11   8:30am HSC Meeting CC Room

12/20   Min Day

12/23-1/3   Winter Break


6/3   6th/7th grade awards assembly/Recognition assembly

6/4   CTE Fun Day

6/4   8th grade Board Walk field trip

6/5   Last day of school/Minimum day 12:30 p.m. dismissal

6/5   8th grade awards assembly 11:00 a.m.

6/5   8th grade graduation ceremony 4 p.m.


Snack Shack Volunteers Needed


2013-2014 Parent Volunteer's

Get involved: info@ctehsc.org

Learn more>>> Parent Volunteer Overview

  Snack Shack Lunch Card Link


Students can purchase lunch cards at the Snack Shack Window at school or online.

CTE HSC offers two different lunch cards:  5 Day meal and À la Carte The new menu for Snack Shack will be posted on the above Menu link at the top of this page. 







Welcome to the C.T. English Home & School Club site

The C.T. English Home & School Club is virtually on the mountain! Our nonprofit HSC has been supporting teacher staff, our principal, students, and curriculum enrichment for 6th-8th grades since November 1997.

CTE Club Goals
Our goal is to support teachers, staff, our principal, and student curriculum needs through money raised (e.g. materials, supplies, teacher staff appreciation activities) with coordinated volunteers for holiday fair fundraisers, Fun Night events, and hot lunch school services Monday through Friday.

We offer the Cheetah Sports program which enriches and supplements student academics.The CTE HSC is dedicated to developing student community support and awareness, and family outreach. In addition, we facilitate communications between staff, parents, elementary school, middle school, and the community.

Contact us today to talk to any of our board members about the programs and services the HSC provides throughout the school year or click here for the Parent Volunteer Overview form.

Community Service Learning for C.T. English Students is proudly sponsored by the CTE Home & School Club. All 2013 incoming 5th through 8th grade students are welcome to participate and get involved. Click the HSC Parent Contact Tab above for more information. 

2013-2014 Executive Board Members

  • President                                        Jill Talvensaari
  • Vice President Joanne Wrenn
  • Vice President                               Trisha Varriello
  • Secretary                                       Sharon DeMeo
  • Treasurer                                       Sherry Gomes
  • Parliamentarian Laurie Orlando       

Monthly Home & School Club Meetings

Please join us in 2013-2014! The CTE HSC parent meetings are held once a month. We welcome guest speakers and 6th through 8th grade parents. We meet in the Loma Community Center (LPCC), beginning Wednesday, September 11, 2013 from 8:30-10am. Join us if you are interested in volunteering. See our calendar for specific meeting dates and learn what goes on behind the scenes for services, events, and teacher appreciation throughout this school year.  We appreciate your consideration, a donation  of time, whether for an hour, an evening, or a larger service or event commitment, we welcome you.

The success of C.T. English Home & School Club activities depend on parents like you.

CTE HSC is a 501c(3) Non-Profit Organization, Federal Tax ID 77-0351785.

Our mailing address is 23800 Summit Rd., Los Gatos, CA 95033